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The Italian brand Ernestomeda is an iconic matter and a symbol of quality. The name of the brand was created by combining the words "Ernesto" (representative of old traditions) and "meda" (something new). And it perfectly describes the philosophy of this brand. Its main idea is to combine traditional cuisine with new design.

All Ernestomeda kitchens are modular, according to the given dispositions, individual parts are customized for the client and can be combined with atypical production as well. You can choose different materials for worktops, cabinets and handles. Ernestomeda offers many elements and accessories, such as extendable dining tables integrated in the kitchen, bar counters, sideboards, waiting tables, wine holders, waste bins, etc. The kitchens are characterized by a wide range of patented technological procedures and constant innovation of the materials used.

Ernestomeda Sign kitchen design model
Model of the Obliqua designer kitchen from the Obliqua range by Ernestomeda
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